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What is the price of a private yoga session with Bri at Blue Sky Health and Wellness?

Your very first session is free! The cost of one client’s private yoga session after that is $96.00. This price includes the instructor’s time preparing the room and props for your session, one hour of instruction, and the process of sanitizing the room and supplies. 

Why sign up for a private session when I can go to the gym or studio for a yoga class - what are the benefits of a one on one session?

When attending a yoga class in a gym or studio, you can expect other students to be attending along with you. In group classes in those settings, the sequence has been prepared for that class’s style of yoga. When you sign up for a private session, the sequence and poses can become much more personalized and flexible in the way they can be adjusted to fit your unique needs. The attention will be focused on you which allows more room for communication between instructor and client. There are more opportunities to be instructed through modifications or variations of particular poses.

Are the private sessions only one client at a time?

Bri offers private yoga sessions for couples too! This would be two clients at a time and the cost for each person would be $50.00. 

Do you offer any packages or deals?

If you pay for a class pack, you get 10% off each class at its regular price. This would be paying for either 4 or 6 classes all at once, in advance. 

What is the purpose of yoga, why would I want to sign up?

The purpose of yoga is to bring awareness to the body and breath. This welcomes a mind-body connection which allows you to be in the present moment. If this is something you are interested in and want to try, I recommend signing up!

What about yoga and religion?

Yoga, at its core, is separate from religion as it is simply a practice that consists of bodily movement, breathing, and a state of awareness for the purpose of maintaining and improving health. The movement and postures in yoga allows for building strength and flexibility. Yoga can benefit not only your physical health, but mental health as well. By bringing your attention to your breath and movement, you have the chance to find peace and calm. It is entirely your choice if you would like to apply your religion or spiritual beliefs to your yoga practice as it stands separate from any belief system.

What times are available to book a session?

Friday afternoons are open for booking! Bri will be happy to schedule your hour long session for a time after 12pm. If you have another day and time in mind that would work better for you and your schedule, feel free to ask when you call the office at 703-975-9144

Can I book a virtual session?

Bri is experienced with using Zoom and will be happy to offer a virtual session to you. The cost will be the same as an in-person class. Please understand the risk of connectivity challenges online along with not having access to the props I provide here in the office.

How are you keeping everything safe and clean to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

The room and props are kept safe and clean. Bri wipes down the floors, surfaces, mats, and props before and after your session. The bolsters have a removable cover which allows them to be put through the washer and dryer. If you prefer to use a mat you already own or any of your own props, please feel free to do so. Instructor and client(s) will be at a safe distance, will wear masks in the lobby, in the room, and will be welcome to remove masks once on the yoga mats while  following the distance guidelines. Bri will be accommodating to what you feel most comfortable with. 

How is your room arranged to encourage a state of peace and relaxation?

This room provides a clean, open space that includes:

-Himalayan salt lamp that provides warm, inviting light

-Speaker to play soft music during your session

-Bolster and props available to support your body in various yoga poses

Curious about Bri’s yoga background? See below for more information.

What styles of yoga can you guide me through to meet my unique needs?

I am certified in Vinyasa, which involves a flow of movement between poses to strengthen the body while also inviting a breath to movement connection. I have experience with Yin Yoga, Restorative yoga, and have helped lead a meditation group at The University of Lynchburg. I am always open to learning and seek to deepen my knowledge about the body, breath, and methods of healing and relaxation. I am adaptable in the way that I will apply any questions or concerns you share with me along with all I’ve learned to help best assist you and your unique needs.

Where did you complete your training?

I completed Inner Power Yoga’s teacher training in February of 2020. I received my RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher, 200 hour) certification through Inner Power Yoga, located in Sterling, Virginia. I am also a yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. I have attended workshops held at YogaWorks Fairfax and completed YogaSix studio training Spring 2020.

When did your journey into yoga begin?

I started my yoga practice in 2014 and have been a student of yoga ever since. As a high school student, I found that by practicing yoga, I was able to relieve stress and found that I could better regulate my emotions. I also found myself getting stronger and more flexible. I found gratitude for my body and noticed how it improved my sense of well-being. While on campus as a college student, I saw yoga as my anchor - I could always get on my mat no matter what life events were happening. During one Winter break in college, I attended a Yoga Retreat with Spark Yoga to Bhodi Tree, located in Nosara, Costa Rica, which further inspired me to grow in my practice. Later on, a tour of Casa Om in Potomac, Virginia encouraged me to explore teaching and how I can create a space for movement, stillness, healing, and relaxation. Through classes, travel, and personal practice, I’ve been inspired to ask myself…”How can I share this journey, this experience with others?”

To see my posts online, I welcome you to visit my page on Instagram


As always, to book your private yoga session, or if you have any questions, please call the office at 703-975-9144

please call the office at 703-975-9144 

Thank you!

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