Wellness Packages

Sport Package- this plan is great for children who are active in sports. The incidence of sports injuries increases as your children become more competitive. Keeping their growing spines healthy is important, even more so when compounded with injuries. Surmounting studies show having the right essential fatty acids are imperative to brain health and recovery from concussion. Below is our recommended sports package.

  • Brain Span- Essential Fatty Acid Testing
  • Chiropractic Care- once a week during the sports season
  • Twice a month when not active in the season- but getting ready to start up again
  • Nutritional Evaluation- to determine the nutritional needs of your child

Teen Nutritional Coaching- this package is geared toward the teenager or tween who would like to learn how to eat well or the parent who would like for their child to make better food choices. With all the junk food marketed towards teens and young adults, it makes it harder to teach them the ramifications of a bad diet on their health. This package can also be tailored if you child is struggling with weight issues as well. Below is the recommended coaching package.

  • Nutritional testing-i.e., blood work, stool analysis, adrenal testing…
  • 6-12 consultations; depending on the severity to the situation

The feeding of your child package- this package will help you navigate through the challenging time of learning what foods work best for your child. From reflux, to picky eaters we can help support and build a nutritional program that works for you and your child.

  • 3-6 consultations- depending on need
  • Nutritional testing- stool testing, allergy testing…

Pregnancy package- Hormonal and structural changes can lead to spinal and pelvic misalignment which can create lower back pain during pregnancy. Chiropractic care helps with this pain and can shorten labor and delivery times as well. Below is the recommended treatment package for chiropractic care.

  • Chiropractic care- 14 visits for 9 months, or 20 for 12 months
  • Nutritional consultations-3. To help support nutritional needs during pregnancy and to discuss newborn and infant nutritional needs

Detoxification package- For those who would like to do a structured detoxification program. We have programs that range from 7- 20 days. You can pick what is right for you. Below is the recommended treatment plan for you.

  • Detox program- 7,10 or 20 days
  • Nutritional Consultations- 1-3 depending on which program you pick
  • Ion Cleanse
  • Massage therapy

Wellness package#1- For those who are in good health, and want to stay that way! This package provides chiropractic care on a maintenance schedule. This is just a chiropractic care package with no nutritional components.

  • Chiropractic care- once a month or twice a month depending on your needs

Wellness Package #2- For those who are in good health and want chiropractic, nutritional coaching and some immune support care! Below is the recommended treatment plan.

  • Chiropractic care- once a month or twice a month depending your needs.
  • Brain Span functional testing
  • Nutritional coaching- 2-4 sessions
  • Massage therapy

*All packages can be tailored to fit your specific needs. The cost of each package does not include supplements, nutritional testing or any product or services not mentioned above. All pre- paid packages are eligible for a discount*

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